Friday, January 24

Write What Is Sacred (Atlanta Testimonials)

The first "Write Was Is Sacred" workshop by Trey Anthony took place January 19th in Atlanta, Georgia. There was an out pour of excited writers who came out to participate, There were New and Old writers, Male and Female writers. The participants had all good things to say! The workshop was powerful! There was nothing but rave reviews and love for Trey Anthony's first workshop in the series. The "Write What Is Sacred" workshop will also be held in Canada.  To register for Toronto's write what is sacred, Feb 15th, Click Here, only 4 spots left!

"A few of the workshop attendees writing exercises"

Here is what some of  the Workshop attendees had to say:

"we learned from the best today. Trey is an amazing writing coach. Her workshop was instructive, constructive & affirming. She helped us dig deep, yet made it safe for us to do so." ~Kathryn Sharon

"I attended the workshop on Sunday and it was absolutely a great experience. I learned so much and I am inspired to begin writing. I woke up this morning and said "I am a writer." ~Fatima Goodman

"Wow! I was blessed to take part in the "She writes what is sacred" workshop. I was reminded again of the healing power writing has especially when we tell stories from the gut. Thank you beloved Trey Anthony for designing and facilitating this transformative space." ~Helen Yohannes

"Trey Anthony teaching and facilitating in Atlanta."
"Today's workshop truly was about writing what was sacred in every sense of the word. It covered so many aspects of just living, the human experience. I was seriously empowered as a creative being, better yet a FORCE! Character development really helps you to have compassion for other people, even the people who may have hurt you. The writing what is sacred was also in a sense of bringing out your best work, through your best self. The exercises and activities were DEEP! I'm so looking forward to the next one!" ~April D. Byrd

"Trey Anthony thank u for such an in-depth writing workshop today. It reiterated how much I love and miss writing. I look forward to the next one. Healing work through words." ~Arline Leonce

Only 4 spots now left for the Canada Workshop !!!! Registration closing feb 5th. Get Tickets here:

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