Wednesday, January 15

Total Eclipse Of The Heart: (Parenting Style)

The other night Wife and I went to a birthday celebration for an old friend (as in long-time, not as in her age).  Anyway, it was a night of Karaoke in one of those awesome private rooms so that you and your friends can totally indulge and don’t have to share the Karaoke spotlight with anyone other than your group.  Brilliant!

So sitting with a friend, who I actually have not seen since she became a mama two years ago, she pointed out that Total Eclipse of the Heart by the much loved Bonnie Tyler, could ostensibly be a song about parenting.  Yes!  Of course.  To prove this, I have recorded my own version of Total Eclipse of the Heart.  Wife, has kindly agreed to make an appearance.  She’s amazing.  We both are.  You’ll be shocked that, despite our musical pasts, we now only sing at home and in private Karaoke rooms.

Are there any other songs out there that could serve as a parenting metaphor?  Share your submissions in the comments. 

Xo Ajike 


Silverman said...

I'm a bitch by Alanis Morisette (written by Meredith Brooks). Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Your kids will so love this when they are older!
Definitely play it for them when they are getting married. :-)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the video!

My 7 year old thought G Love's song "Baby's got sauce" with the line "My baby's got sauce, your baby ain't sweet like mine" was about a braggy, rude mother who was insulting another mom's baby.