Friday, January 3

A New Film Discusses Gender Roles & Stereotypes

The team behind the film "Miss Representation" will be producing a new documentary "The Mask You Live In" which will be an exploration of American Masculinity. The film shows how boys and men can sometime be pushed into stereotypical or domineering roles. This film definitely looks promising and is a step up in gender and cultural discourse.  Sometimes certain mind-sets seem even more prevalent within the African-American community. Black men may have complexes that it's ok to cheat, the more girls you're with sexually makes you a man, or constantly being told not to cry, show any feelings or emotions because it makes them "weak".

However, it's not just black men given these paradigms, they affect men of all cultures.When men feel they're forced to act a certain type way it can cause confusion, miss-communication, and dissonance in society as a whole. The Representation project is debuting the film this year. What are your thoughts on the upcoming documentary?

Check it out in the video (trailer) below:

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