Monday, April 16

The Power of Music

This video really warms every inch of my heart.  I think we can all identify with the ultimate power that music has.  Just a few notes can take you back to your first love, first break up, that first dance with your crush at your 8th grade dance, Christmas, your favorite concert just to name a few.

The video below is a clip of the upcoming documentary "Alive Inside."  In this video, an elderly man who has been in a nursing home for about 10 years, and is generally unresponsive, springs to life in remarkable ways and even sings songs from his favorite artist, Cab Calloway when he hears his favorite music.

If you didn't believe in the power of music should now.  There is no denying that music is inspiring.

Listen to your favorite track and have a powerful day!

What is your favorite 'go-to' track?

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