Monday, April 23

Love Me and My Hair

I stumbled on Singers Room a little while back from a friends Facebook page and it's actually a great source for music...I like mainstream music, but I also enjoy those artists who are relatively unknown.

the Singer's Room is truly a site for music lovers.  It has a great mix of both mainstream and non-mainstream artists.  It was sited as one of the top internet music sources by XXL magazine and was created in 2006.

What's cool about the site is that it is an outlet for artists to communicate directly with their fans and the rest of the music community.  If you are a music lover, check out this site.  You never know what you'll find! (certainly not the music you find on the radio)

I found this song on Singers Room over the weekend and it's a great song about loving yourself and your hair.  It's called 'Love Me and My Hair' by Juliette....hope you enjoy it.

Take this in and remember to love yourself.

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