Wednesday, April 11

the Jacksons Set To Tour in June

The Jacksons are heading on their first tour since 1984.  The tour starts in June and has 27 dates scheduled.

I must admit....I kinda want to see them in action.  It has been 28 years since they hit the stage together...I wonder if Tito, Jackie, Jermaine and Marlon still 'got it'.

They seem to be excited about the tour and to be performing together after all these years.

I wonder what they will be performing? We all love the classics and it would be a concert that everyone and anyone can enjoy, but I wonder if they will break out any new songs, or do a tribute to MJ or have Janet perform with them on certain dates.

Of course there will be those who say 'they're only doing it for the money' which may play a role in the sudden return to the stage,  but as a performer I know that there's nothing like going back to your roots and stepping on that stage again.  It's something that you can't really almost feels like coming home.

Maybe with Michael's passing they realize that the best time to seize the moment is now and that tomorrow is promised to no one so why not do what you love NOW instead of putting it off any longer.

Just looked up the schedule and they're in Atlanta on July 8th....if I'm around I might consider checking them out.  (For the Canadian fans...they are at Casino Rama June 20th...)

I wish them the best!

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