Friday, April 27

Autistic Boy Bullied by his Teacher...smh!

Imagine being a child going to school everyday with teachers that bully you.  No, no, you read it right,  TEACHERS that bully you.  That is what one 10 year old autistic New Jersey boy dealt with seemingly silently until his father placed a recording device in his pocket.

Dad, Stuart Chiafetz, claims he did that in order to find out why the school had reported that his son was acting out and hitting teachers.  

He found way more than he bargained for.  He listened to over six hours of recordings of teachers and teacher aides apparently talking about alcohol and sex in front of the class and yelling at his son telling him to 'shut your mouth'

In the recording you can hear Akian ask about seeing his dad. It appears that his parents have joint custody and he sees his mom for a period of time and then his dad for another.  And naturally, there is an adjustment period that he would have to go through where he needs a little more reassuring than others. He asks his teachers if he is going to 'see Dad after mom' and the teacher says 'no' asks him about library books then call him a 'bastard' after he begins to cry.

These are the people who are supposed to protect, nurture and teach our children?

The board of education did step in immediately after receiving a copy of the 6 hour recording and the teachers have apparently been disciplined, but is that enough?

Now, I'm not saying, by any means, that every time a child does something that seems out of character it's the school or teachers fault (because lets face it, some of Bebe's kids are still running around haha) but as parents you should stand up for your kids.  Looking around it seems as though parents are (generally) less involved nowadays as the pressures and demands of making a living have become greater.  

It troubles me know that had Akian's dad not stepped in, he probably would have been labelled as another 'problematic autistic boy' and his story would turn out very different.

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