Wednesday, February 1

The Truth About the History of Gynecology

I've seen this posted on several people's Facebook pages and I thought this is a message that needs to spread to as many people who will listen.

When I saw it, I wondered about it's accuracy and I did a little research on J Marion Sims.  Every medical reference/journal etc... I found confirmed the 'controversy' (as they call it) regarding his use of slave womyn to conduct experiments. 

It's incredible to think that a lot of what we know about the female body was due to the butchering of seven slave womyn.  The next time you see your ob-gyn be sure to thank the seven nameless womyn who were sacrificed in the name of science!

The text below are not my words, but the text that captioned the picture I saw on Facebook. 

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"J. Marion Sims is called “the Father of Gynecology” due to his experiments on enslaved women in Alabama who were often submitted as guinea pigs by their plantation owners who could not use them for sexual pleasure.

He kept seven women as subjects for four years, but left a trail of death and permanently traumatized black women.

Anarcha was one of the women Sims experimented upon. A detailed history of this monster is in Harriet Washington’s book, Medical Apartheid.

Sims believed that Africans were numb to pain and operated on the women without anaesthesia or antiseptic. The procedures usually happened this way.

Black female slaves who were guinea pigs would hold one subject down as Sims performed hysterectomies, tubal ligation, and other procedures to examine various female disorders."


amrita persaud said...

It is interesting that even in our feminist texts that chronicle gynecology over the years, there is no mention of this piece of horrific herstory!

Anonymous said...

I am sick to my stomach to know this..i can not fathom the pain these women went through but i can imagine (A professed hater of PAPS) thus my fear of this kind of intrusion for health safety but is shocking to me that one human being could be such a Savage to another and think that it was okay..Shame! ..truly informed! thanks!

Nadz said...

Wow...there's never been any mention of this in any health book I have read or touched for that matter in school or out of it. This is crazy and makes me sad to think they actually scarificed 7 :(

samreen said...

you have shared nice information on Gynecology surgery, it was horrible form of gynecology

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lee woo said...

To be an atheist requires an indefinitely greater measure of faith than to recieve all the great truths which atheism would deny. See the link below for more info.


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