Wednesday, February 29

The Fountain of Youth!

This story blew me away!  The woman in this video has found the fountain of youth!  She's 70 years old (YES 70!) and looks incredible. It just reminds us all that you will reap the results if you sow the seeds.  She has been eating a vegetarian diet since the 1960s and went raw vegan 27 years ago.  (raw vegans eat no animal products; only organic, natural uncooked/unprocessed fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.)

She started on a quest to feel better and have more energy, but she got more than she bargained for...

It's funny to see her and her husband, who are the same age, together....she really does look like his daughter or even granddaughter.  To think that she has 50 year old children and is a grandmother seems unreal.

I'm not telling you to go vegetarian or even raw vegan, but let this video inspire you to add a little more balance in your life.  Start including more fruits and vegetables into your diet and watch your health improve.

I personally have been watching what I eat and have changed my diet over the years and have seen amazing results.  It's all about balance! And in today's self indulgent society it can seem difficult to leave to fast food alone, it's easier to drive thru a window instead of preparing healthy meals at home in the name of "saving time," but in the end you are only doing your body a disservice.  

You only have one body!  Treat it right and it will do amazing things for you!

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