Friday, February 24

Most People Fail In Life Because They Aim Too Low!

Have you ever really thought about that?  "most people fail in life because they aim too low".  Have you been dreaming big enough, or high enough?  Or have you fallen victim to the 'I can'ts' or maybe the 'shoulda coulda wouldas'?  It's so important to constantly dream and dream BIG!

This weekend is as good a time to revisit your goals and dreams.  Have you been dreaming just enough to make it seem like you have a dream? Or have you set your life's bar in such a way that in order to jump over it you have to change the way you look at or approach things in order to succeed.

Take a look at this video by Les Brown that is sure to inspire and motivate you to dare to DREAM.

If you need help dreaming, or don't know where to start searching for your passions in life contact me at Girl Doing BETTER -  I provide life coaching that you do from the comfort of your home. It's time to put your best foot forward....and I can help!

Enjoy the video and your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

This video was without a dought heart touching. Four years ago i had the opprotunity to meet and speak with trey my self at a performance her and the amazing team she has at a black history month performance. Our entire school went to see the performace and listen to the motivational speachs everyone had to offer. At that point in my life was one of the worst..

I lost my mom when she overdosed on drugs, my dad went to prison and i just found out i was pregnant and i had no one but my self and my baby.

I remember trey telling me how her mom had her young and times would get harder then id ever imagin, but at the end of the day that baby will look up to me and need my love suppor ft and effection. Trey told me that v I know what i have to do and that was to MAKE sure i give my baby the life i never had, no one belived in me that i could successfully raise my child properly atthe age of 15 and because everyone told me i couldnt do it ill end up like my mother .i start thinking and beliving It..

Then i remembered what trey told me and i say it to my selfevery day i will never ever forget it till the day i die.. "proove everyone that their wdong, zhoa them you can do it and show your self that you have the strength to do it. " and you want to know somthing, i did it. I prooved everyone wrong.

I went to school my entire pregnancy, back in the classroom 3 days after ihad him i brought my baby to class, i graduated high school and got a scholarship to york university, im finishing off my last year BSW social work, and im gona get a job in a shelter for abused women and children and one day open my own shelter.

I need to thank you trey , you changed my point of view on life, and that is the only way i succeeded and was able to move on with my life and not have negativity around me. Thank you trey from the bottom of my heart .

With all our love :

Jessica & 3 year old Lucas <3