Saturday, November 7

trey talks dirty! * mom don't read this blog!

So I know many of you come to this blog for inspiration, insight and my personal "deepness". Yada yada,! but as i always say i'm just a regular girl trying to figure it out. And there are many sides of me, the deep side, the fun side, the dark side and now here is my naughty dirty side! I just watched this Trey Songz video and boy I had to post it! Thanks to my girl Krystle for giving me the heads up on this one! It was hot! It sure did it for me! lol! Made me want to take a shower! I'm thinking of creating a queer girl video in response! No? maybe? Got you thinking! lol but hey.... you'll get it when you see it! Mr Trey Songz, I feel proud that we shared the same name! It's a hot one not for the weak hearted. The man states that when he's finished you would think he INVENTED SEX. Enough said!


:::the.kisser::: said...

yup this video was very hot. i saved it for a midnight self session ;)


truthaccordingtotrey said...