Friday, September 4

So it's 6am. Most mornings I wake up eager to meet the world but today I woke up and I would call it a "faithless" moment. Not having much faith in myself to achieve much of anything...... I know we've all had those days when you just feel as if just the act of breathing is too much! I was trying my best to shake it. I prayed, became silent, talked to myself, gave myself a "trey pep talk." It didn't work.... Today just wasn't the day. So I went online and in my inbox was my newsletter from Oprah, and one of the headlines was a sneak interview she did with the rapper Jay Z. In this interview, he shared that at age 13 he was selling crack and by 30 he was a business mogul and self made millionaire. He changed the direction of his life, however, many people from his neighborhood were either dead or in jail. Oprah asked, how was this possible and he said,

"There's the gift, there's the spirit, and there's the work—all three have to come together. If one of those things is off, it can stop you from becoming who you were meant to be."

That really inspired me. Because I thought to myself I must aknowlege my gifts, listen and
feed my spirit and be willing to do the work...... I cannot afford to make one of these things to be off


Anicine said...

Inspiration summons the flow of life, gets u movin..... i've just been inspired with that thought.. and now I've got to go...go...go!

Joel Gordon said...

Hey Trey, I think we all have days like that. I feel it - a big day for you - it's coming soon!