Monday, September 21

do you want to be a loser?

I'm coming off my Oprah high.... trying however to relish every moment of it. People have heard about my Oprah experience and have called me tenacious, gutsy, and bold. I have been questioned on where within me did this boldness come from. I have to give some credit to two major figures in my life. My mother and my grandmother. We don't always see eye to eye but what we do have in common is a belief that anything is possible. My mother is one of the bravest womyn that I know. If something isn't working for her she just calls it a day and gets the hell out. My mother has moved from Jamaica, England, Canada, Florida back to Canada and then back to Florida! She is not a person who is scared of change. I think this is one of the qualities that she has passed onto me. Never get attached to anything that may hinder your growth.
My grandmother released a reggae album at age 76! Why because she could and wanted too! She used her pension money to pay for studio time and then went into hairdressers and barber shops to sell her c.d out of her handbag. Her tenacity paid off . Her record became a hit in Jamaica and she has appeared on a major England talk show and has been featured in numerous newspapers! 76 years old! Now she has a dream to be on the t.v show the X factor and I have no doubt in my mind that she will do it.
Yesterday I was talking to my grandmother and I was feeling discouraged about a few things in my life and my grandmother gave me one of her famous blunt pep talks. She said in her heavy Jamaican accent which I love to imitate, "trey if you quit now you would be a loser! Do you want to be a loser?" Even as I write this I have to laugh! I love my grandmother's infamous one liners of inspiration more than any daily affirmation books, more than any quotes of inspiration from Oprah. My grandmother's inspiration talks are short, blunt and very cutting, but they work! And I know I wouldn't have gotten this far without having to refer to them daily in my life. Yesterday I went through my day, saying, Hey trey you're not a loser! Every time I said it, I burst out laughing! It really lifted my spirits.
I encourage you to check out my grandmother video, yes my grandmother is on Youtube! What's your excuse! Don't quit on yourself or your dreams because as granny said, "Do you want to be a loser?


Melanie said...

trey, I love it!!! Your grandma is too cute :D

Anonymous said...

Oh My! I am in love with Granny, she is too cute.
Granny is my new idol!

Raf said...

inspirational... thats it, no other words