Sunday, September 13

Me and Oprah in the T.Dot!

I'm a true believer that nothing ever happens before it's due time. So lately I have become very calm, composed and relaxed in my pursuit to meet Oprah. I have faith it will happen when it needs to. I cannot rush a process. I have done everything in my power to ensure this meeting occurs while she is here. I have called in favors, sent emails, made youtube clips, done a facebook group, a petition etc and I thank those who have supported my efforts. And now I realize it's bigger than me. I must have faith in a higher source to ensure this "Meeting" will happen. And if it doesn't happen then it will happen when the time is right. I'm at peace with that.

Last night I had a dream that Oprah was on stage and called my name from the audience and said of course I wouldn't come all of this way without meeting you, you're the "Oprah" of Canada!
Tonight I have tickets for the Precious screening! Oprah's movie, she is suppose to be there. So I'm excited. Being that I read the book Push many years ago and it had a profound effect on me, so I'm glad to see it's evolution into film. Very proud to see black faces on screen. Apparently I'm in the Priority seating section. So I'm unsure what this means but I hope it means I'm close enough to see her.

If I do meet her, I would like to shake her hand, maybe give her the documentary of 'da Kink. But if this doesn't happen I can say I'm proud of my efforts.
I'm also hosting the CBFF party tonight and rumor has it that Ms Winfrey will be there..... so I will keep you posted. Come out and party with me tonight if you're in Toronto!
I now have people reading my blog in Austria! Wow! A big shout out to my fans in Austria! Thanks to everyone for your support!



Mena Gagne said...

Trey! LOVE the look and feel of your blog! Wow!
AND I love your post re: Oprah...i appreciate your wisdom and it's so true, if it's meant to be now, it will be. If not, it'll happen in the perfect timing. You are so awesome and great things are meant for you!
Love and hugs! xo

Shannon Teresa said...

I can't wait to read your next post for the update.

It's true Trey, what you see in Oprah is what many find in you - a young, black path paver, with wit and warmth that somehow is able to make you feel a little more purposeful just by looking your way

truthaccordingtotrey said...

now reading this and what i asked for actually happened... i said i would like to shake her hand and give her a copy of 'da kink documentary, and i did all of that! power of manifestation.
thanks for the support!

Khota said...

Hey Trey, its Khota. The shout out about the fans in Austria, thats me!! am in Vienna right now. I watched the video post about the infamous meeting, loved it!! am soooo happy for you and your story gives me hope for my aspirations as well. I wish you all the success in the play,but sad that am not in t.o to watch it. Stay Blessed.