Monday, August 24

down to the wire

Today is exactly one month until Secrets opens. This is huge! I fluctuate between great anxiety, joy, tears and laughter. I also feel as though for the last few months I have been entrapped in P.M.S. My emotions are everywhere. Some days I feel really powerful meeting with business owners and various sponsors and then there are days while I'm searching for a pen to go into a meeting, I burst into tears. This is too much effort that I am now required to search for a pen! Hysteria at it's finest. Yet lately, I have been affirming an affirmation that seems to help, it goes like this, "Today I will laugh at the world and most of all I will laugh at myself." I got this affirmation from a book that I'm presently reading called,
The greatest Salesman in the World." by Og Mandino. I like it because it reminds me to not take myself so seriously. That I'm human. I will have good days and bad days. That this too shall pass....Just yesterday I was laughing with friends over an incident that took place at my high school graduation. My "date" at the graduation dinner told me I looked fat in my dress! I promptly left the table and went into the coat closet and cried, I was DEVASTATED! After being missing in action for nearly forty five minutes, my best friend Rachael came to look for me and found me in the coat closet, nose dripping, eyes swollen and refusing to come out of the closet. Thinking that if I skipped dinner at least I would be a little bit slimmer. I also thought that at age seventeen my life was officially over! The thoughtless and insensitive words of a pimple face seventeen year old kid was going to destroy my life for ever. Seventeen years later, Rachael and I are sharing this story with friends who are killing themselves laughing. I am dying of laughter reciting the story and I am reminded of my favourite affirmation, this too shall things which seemed so devastating and significant can become moments of great laughter if you allow yourself. My friends all laugh at my story. I laugh at myself. Laugh at the little girl who hid in a coat closet on prom night and today I laugh at the grown woman who has a melt down because she can't find a pen. I laugh especially at men who dismiss me in business meetings, I laugh instead of crying when people say thoughtless and insensitive things to me. I laugh at those who tells me my dreams are impossible.... I laugh. I laugh at life. I laugh at me. I Iaugh really loudly. People have told me I have a distinct laugh, that they love to hear me laugh.... So I laugh more often, I encourage you to do the same.


TorontoNaturals said...

Hey Trey, I really enjoyed reading your blog this morning. I want you to know that you really inspire me, you would never know.
I am a entreprenuer myself, and sometimes, I feeling like giving up. However for some strange reason, I am reminded of you, and the your stroy about when you took "Da Kink" to NY, with no money to pay the actors, and you told your cast to put on T-shirts and go on the train and sing. I want to congratulate you on your tremendous success. Speaking of success, you remind me that it doesn't come easy, and to be true to your dreams and NEVER give up.

Stephanie Joseph
Founder - Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show

truthaccordingtotrey said...

thanks Stephanie, so much for your kind words. Yes it's very easy to give up but you must not! Keep doing what you are doing and reach out to others for support. I'm glad that my blog helped you....

Keneisha McLean said...


Your words are a true reflection of who you are and what a real women ought to be: someone who is comfortable in their own skin.

Never be afraid to make mistakes eventhough you know or think you will, is what you project. Trey, you are true! true! inspiration and many women in the city of Toronto loves, and needs somenone like yourself to leave your impression/imprint in the city for others to follow.

I'm a current blogger of Flagrant Chic (a work in progress, as well)which is a women's lifestyle boutique, ( I'm focused on capturing the may things the city life has to offer, as well as, many women in Toronto who are making a difference by pursuing their passions. It's all about recognition and that is what I'm working towards for my "Flagrant Chics"

I would love to do an interview with you for my blog to shed some light(for those who do not know) on the phenomenal Miss Trey Anthony. Should you be interested I can be reached via email at

I can't wait for SOABB to hit the stage.I'll be there!

"Flagrant Chic" - Keneisha