Monday, August 24

a work in progress

I've made a promise to go to the gym five times per week. It hasn't been working out that great. Last week I went three times. And now I'm mid week and so far I've gone once! I'm going to go this morning. What I can't understand about myself is that I know it's good for me. Every time I work out I feel better, gain more clarity, feel stronger and overall less stress. But I find every excuse not to go. And God knows if I spent as much time at the gym as I do on Facebook I could give Halle Berry a run for her money! But I'm going to try, really I am.But sometimes when I go I compare myself to others. There's this girl there who always seems to be running some sort of competition with me....yes it's all in my head. I know this! And yes it pisses me off that she's at least a size zero! So I'm always wondering what the hell are you doing here anyways? Go eat something! Ok sometimes I can't be all miss positivity, I'm only human....But I digress. So when I'm on the treadmill she always picks the one right beside me even though there are plenty of empty ones. And then she runs really fast, nearly double my speed and of course I feel a compelling need to run even faster. Sometimes while running at her Olympic speed I want to pass out but I won't let her win. And I run really really really really fast for a strong two minutes! I never beat her running at 6.1 for more than three minutes and I'm wiped out! I know I'm better running a steady 4.2. I know that I can run for longer at that pace and that my body is comfortable with that but I try to win this race against this woman who really plays no significance in my life. She's oblivious to my desire to win, to out run her, play harder, be better than her. And I see how often this plays out in my life in other ways. How often in my desire to "WIN" I run the race faster than necessary, do not listen to the signs that I should run slower, pace myself more, actually enjoy the journey..... So I'm going to try this morning to pay the skinny little minny no mind, hopefully she'll fall off the tread mill and then I'll win! Yeah I thought it and I wrote it! lol


Crystal 'Clear ' Coburn said...

Maybe the skinny little minny is there for one purpose; to push you, to challenge you, to remind you not to be comfortable in your usual pace and dare to pick it up. Maybe she's there as a reminder that there's more out there than you've already gained and the harder you push the more guaranteed you are to get there.

Maybe it's not even that deep. Maybe she's just out to make your life miserable. I dunno.

But if that's the case then try this, use her speed as intervals. You said you can do her 6.1 for a cpl minutes so then try that. Do 20 mins total, take 2 mins at 6.0 and then walk at like 3.0/3.5 for 1.5 mins. You'll feel a difference and at least that way you'll be able to say you kept her pace for longer than 3 minutes even though it was spread over the 20 minutes.

Agreed? Agreed.

truthaccordingtotrey said...

I love that Crystal! I'm going to try!

Crystal said...

:D lemme know how it goes.

Gina said...

I love your writing the combination of humor and truth keep me coming back for more.

truthaccordingtotrey said...

Thanks Gina! The comedy goes back to my stand up days! And humor has always been my best friend!