Monday, August 24

i'm scared of water

This poem, I'm Scared of water, has been one of my most requested
poems and I have always gotten requests from people to give it to
their partners etc... So i thought i would make it public. My only
request is to please give me credit as a writer, that's important as a
I think this poem resonates with so many because it talks about our
deepest fear of being vulnerable with someone we love, not being
afraid to say I really want you, want THIS. For myself, I have
sabotaged many relationships because of my own fear of not wanting to
love someone more than they loved me...... and I now realize one must
dive in.... enjoy swimming.


I’m scared of water.

I’m scared of water

You’re not sure that you can swim

Yet, could you meet me at the edge of the sea

Could you come wearing nothing No clothing, no life jacket bearing no armor.

Could you come with no past regrets, no baggage, no her story, no hurts, no shames no scores to settle, crosses to bear, wrongs to be righted.

I’m scared of water and you’re not sure that you can swim…

What if I showed up at the edge of the sea? At a time we both planned did not plan. What if we were both there on time? Fully committed. Prepared for everything. Prepared for nothing.

What if I came naked?

arms wide open to love you, Be there with you. Would you swim with me? You’re scared of water and I’m not sure that I can swim.

Cold feet touching the water. Sand soaking in between our toes.

Would we take the chance to dive right in? Or would we hesitate and warn each other about what could go wrong. I would convince you and you would quickly agree that we would never reach the other side…ALIVE I’m scared of water and you’re not sure if you can swim

So we stand at the edge. Be on the edge. LIVE safely on the edge of the water. Never dare to jump right in, be naked, vulnerable, open, never love like we’ve never been hurt. Never forgive because we wish to be forgiven. Never know if we would or could reach the other side. Never ever possess the belief that we could make it. Never allow ourselves the belief that our love would keep us afloat.

Never believe that if you were drowning I would risk everything to save you… We’re both scared of water and both know that the other can’t swim.

So we stand at the edge of the sea. Contemplating. Unmoving. Sand becoming hard between our toes. Feeling safe yet yearning for something more. Eventually, you got a boat to sail across

i watched you from the shore. ‘cause I’m scared of water and now you’re just too cold too swim.

And at nights we secretly dream that you grabbed my hand or did I grab yours?

we are running boldly

the wind on our faces

the moon smiling down on us

we run towards the sea

Dive in at the risk of maybe drowning. Water hot on our naked bodies, you’re scared of water, I can’t swim. I ‘m scared of water. You can’t swim. I’m scared of water. you can’t swim. I’m scared. You’re scared…

We swim.


Anonymous said...

beautiful poem!

Gina said...

Words to live by. Thank you