Friday, June 27

"Say Yes" By Michelle Williams - Destiny's Child Gospel (Music Video)

By April D. Byrd

So, DC3 made a bit of a gospel reunion, yes it's catchy as anything else. Well when you're a "Child of Destiny" who can stand in your way? Michelle Williams new song "Say Yes" featuring Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland hit the web recently. 

At times with projects like this there can be a bit of cynicism, because whether you're christian or not, show business heads understand that there is a Christian Market...and it's a pretty big deal! At this time maybe we can look on the bright side and agree that THIS situation, is not that. The ladies of DC have a bit of a faith-based background together. Some songs from there premiere albums were gospel centric...and there was that whole Fighting Temptations stint.

Another praise worthy factor about the video besides the overall joyful feel of the song is...the actual visuals. It includes African (Judah) dancing. Authentic joyful praise dancing over a salacious Dirty Wind is good any day! We know even King David did a little "two step" now and then. There isn't too much to complain about with the visual. Check out the editing! It wasn't walking on egg-shells, but somebody knew how to limit some controversy! 

Well good job DC3! I Don't think Jesus will refute this one too much! Neither will I. 

"Say Yes" by Michelle Williams video (below):

What are your thoughts on the new collaboration? Did you Like it? Any Qualms about it? 

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