Friday, June 6

#OITNB Returns, Laverne Cox Gets Shade


Orange Is The New Black returns to Netflix today and Fans are rejoicing everywhere!! The shows come back has been extremely anticipated. We'd like to think everyone would be happy, but Writer Kevin D. Williamson has a little salt. Why all the shade?? A star of the show and LGBTQ Activist Laverne Cox has been adamantly making the rounds. Even landing on the cover of TIME Magazine. After an Interview with Katie Couric However, the Writer went in on Cox, critiquing the stars refusal to answer the question on whether or not "surgical alteration" had been performed. Williamson cited the issue within a much longer rant titled "Laverne Cox Is Not A Woman" in the National Review. The Piece was also ran in the Chicago Sun-Times, but later retracted for not being aligned with the consistency of Sun-Times publishing standards.

Cox talent, and work on Orange Is The New Black is fierce, that's the tidbit that can't be denied! The Show's Script is Written by Jenji Kohan, the Writer and Producer from Weeds. We can all agree Jenji is winning. If Orange Is The New Black's success can be measured with prime time ratings, it will definitely be on top. Based on the Journey and True Story of Piper Kerman's experience in being credibly..."About That Life" it's one of the most provocative and poignant shows around.

An even better plus is that The Amazing Lorraine Toussaint will be joining the cast. Toussaint is playing Vee, who is old friends with the O.G. of the show, Red. Let's just take it some real sh*t is about to go down when you get two O.G.s in the same spot.

Who's story will be revealed next?! The long Wait is over, OITNB is back, and it's Friday! Forget All the other Drama and spin on that!!

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-April D. Byrd is a Writer for Trey Anthony Studios. Find her  on Twitter @aprilinspired

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