Friday, June 13

Da' Kink Is Headed For Texas

Angie Stone, source from 'Da Kink In My Hair

Yep! Da Kink In My Hair is headed for the Lone Star State! 

Excited that some of the original womyn from 'da Kink, Ngozi Paul Jen Neales  and Ordena Stephens will be joining me in Texas to present excerpts from 'da Kink in my hair, at Devacurl's Curls Night Out, as part of a national tour. Very excited. Texas come out and show us some love!!!!  The Event will be happening Wednesday June 18th! 

Curls Night Out, is a nationwide tour kicking off 7 p.m. June 17th at the Liberty Theater in Tyler, Texas. The night will combine entertainment, inspiration and education, featuring curly celebrities, stylists and curlies.

For More Information check out 'DA KINK JOINS DEVA'S CURLS NIGHT OUT on's website. 

If you want to know a woman, touch her hair. That's where she keeps all her hurts, all her joy, all her pain, all her life.
'da Kink in My Hair

Special Thank You to DevaCurls! Hope to see all you there!

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