Wednesday, February 5

Monday Writing Sessions

On Monday evenings I try to take a few hours out of the house to do something for myself.  My original plan for Mondays was to attend my friend’s Nia class.  The class is amazing but I’m not that into sweating for reasons other than stress and anxiety, and the purposeful sweating thing was throwing me off.  Also if I didn’t attend the class, nothing happened.  Low motivation coupled with no actual consequences apparently doesn’t work for me. 

Now I use Mondays to write my weekly post for Trey Anthony’s blog (Thank you Trey!).  If I don’t use this time to write, I won’t be living up to the commitment that I made to Trey.  I am good at committing to others, less good at committing to myself.  I know this is bad news; I know that I need to care for myself; fill my tank, yada, yada, yada….  Not the point here. 

Anyway, Mondays I write.  This Monday I am sitting in a coffee shop trying to write this week’s post.  This is my third attempt.  First, I started writing about being a lesbian housewife, then I started writing about exercising and this spin class I went to (It was a party for family.  I am good at committing to others.)  Not feeling excited by my first two attempts at this week’s post, I decided to google “Mommy blog post ideas”.  Apparently in 2010 there were 3.9 Million moms, so clearly there should be no shortage of ideas. * 

Much to my surprise, I came across a Mommy Blog idea generator.*   I was hopeful because I’m a mother (Cannot refer to myself as a mommy without gagging); I write stuff in a blogging format, and sometimes I have good ideas.  This idea generator was possibly going to be a goldmine!  I click through the generated ideas on the site and gave each idea some thought. 

I chose not to write about “the best baby gadget”, “my children’s eating habits”, or “what’s in my diaper bag/purse”.  Clearly the best baby gadget is whichever gadget is in use while your baby is happy.  I know from experience that the best baby gadget may be the tissues from the (once full) box on the coffee table.  As for my children’s eating habits, I don’t know anyone except my mother-in-law, who cares at all about their eating habits.  Boring!  What’s in my purse?  Never the one thing I need but enough crap to make it impossible for me to find my kid’s pacifier when he’s screaming in the car. 

I also spared you a detailed post about mine and my daughters’ favourite hairstyles with a how-to video, as well as a post about what’s for dinner, or what I am reading.  Okay, okay, I know you’re super curious about the last one.  I’m reading articles that my friends post on Facebook and newsletters from my kids’ school.  That’s it. 

While I’ve always liked to put things on paper, I have never written for an audience, other than professors, teachers, or employers, on a regular basis.  This little job I’ve taken on is both freeing and overwhelming.   Overwhelming because it’s a thing that I have to do and want to do well along with all the other things I am trying to do well.  I’ve come to realize at this point in my life, even the good things on the To Do list cause stress. 

On the other hand, it’s so great to have the space to share my disorganized thoughts about my disorganized life.  From the feedback I get, I am confident that at least one person every week reads my post and thinks these three overused words: “I know, right?”  And should my writing be as un-relatable and uninteresting as the posts that may be inspired by the mommy blog post generator, I am still grateful to have the external motivation to record the stories about me and my family at this particular time in our lives.  

I know that I will forget how it really feels to have five little kids and I’ll remember it as dreamy and perfect when I have a house full of five teenagers.  I don’t even think it will take that long.  After all, I forgot what it was like to have twin infants and thought it was totally reasonable, when O & G were 18 months, to return to the fertility doctor and request that he place three embryos inside of me and assumed we’d have only one baby - evidence that I am both forgetful and unrealistic.  This is not a good combination. 

Anyway, thank you for stopping by.  Please come again.  Invite your friends.  Next week I’ll be writing about what I find in my kids’ backpacks at the end of the week.  You can thank the post idea generator for that one! 

XO Ajike


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