Friday, December 6

Woman Denied A Pedicure Because Of Weight

In Houston Texas, Shawanna Thompson was denied a pedicure because of her size. The owners of the salon told Shawanna her weight was a problem and they didn't want her to break the chair because of the cost.
“It was very shocking and astonishing that someone would come and out of the blue exclaim that I was too big to get a pedicure,” Shawanna Said.
Even though she had been to the salon before the owner still refused her service. Thompson is encouraging her family and friends to boycott the salon. she says "If the salon wants to have a weight restriction, they should apply them consistently...the policy should be posted so customers of all sizes can see it and decide whether they want to spend their money there. She wants others to learn from the experience.

“You have a choice. You don’t ever have to take any disrespect or discrimination. You have to say something about it.”
What do you think about the situation?
Check out the video below:

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