Friday, December 27

R. Kelly and The Culture Of Sex

By: April D. Byrd

The controversy surrounding singer R. Kelly is crazy. The internet has blown up with the concept, to support or not to support his career. The discussion can't be considered too late, because it's far from unwarranted. It's not shocking that he's under fire again for his background and the nature of his music. Even if we by-pass all the official allegations and charges, his mostly sexual discography speaks for itself. Seriously, this is Mr. My-Minds-Telling-Me-No-But-My-Body-Is-Telling-Me-Yes, because I want to Feel-On-Your-Booty and Ride-You-Like-My-Jeep. We can see how he thinks for the most part. Are we really surprised at the backlash or the allegations?

It doesn't help that his latest album is also explicit in nature, but again it shouldn't be too surprising. Since the discourse is now open. How do we let other artists with sexual and derogatory lyrics off the hook? Bumping along with beats and partly ignoring lyrics may be cosigning the use of women as tools or property to some extent. Incidentally Beyonce has also been catching hell  and making women question the true meaning of feminism and girl power around the world. In one of her most recent songs her husband Jay-Z actually compares himself to Ike Turner.

All this talk about the culture of sex in the music industry just takes us back to the question. Should artists with a platform be considered role models or not? Perhaps, its just up to us to censor what we ourselves listen to and which artists/media we support. The nature and inspiration of R.Kelly's perversion is openly exposed. How much more media are we being fed and eating up without question, or concern? How much does it affect our perception? or future generations?

What do you think of the whole ordeal? Do you support R. Kelly? or his demise? Listen to Sexually offensive content, because of the nice beat? or Do you think more Artists Should be held accountable and called out for their lyrics and lifestyle? Is freedom of speech truly freedom from responsibility?  Leave Your Comments Below.

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