Wednesday, June 5

TEDx Video: Advice For Making the Most of Your 20s

I’m sure many of you have seen this by now as it’s made its rounds throughout social media, but I thought this was a great video to share with my readers in their 20s. I strongly encourage you to watch this. We often think of our 20s as the decade to be free and explore, not necessarily committed to anything in particular. I strongly encourage people to try new things and discover themselves in their 20s as well as they get older but the issue lies in people believing that because they are young and have time so therefore they can waste time. The TedX speaker in this video urges 20- somethings to not use this decade as a downtime in their career, relationships and life in general. This is simply because what you do in your 20s often sets you up for your 30s and onwards. So, if you do not build experiences during this time then you will be scrambling in your 30s. You don’t want to get to your 30s and realize that you wasted an entire decade. Explore, but make it count!

What are your thoughts on this? Would love to hear from my 20-somethings and mature readers!

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