Wednesday, June 12

Adorable Little Girl in Controversial Cheerios Commercial Makes Me Smile

Have you all heard about the recent controversy over a new Cheerios commercial that had people up in arms about the interracial family featured in it? If not, the coles notes version is that Cheerios released a commercial with an adorable, curly haired daughter talking to her (white) mom about the benefits of eating Cheerios for your health. The little girl then playfully pours the cereal on her (black) father’s chest as a gesture that he could use some Cheerios to improve his health. To me, that was the short and end of the commercial that was cute and to be honest, besides the interracial family it was not that note-worthy. But, as soon as it was released Cheerios had to shut down it’s comments section because thousands of hateful and racist comments came in as many were upset that the company would feature a mixed family.

What world do these people live in?? There are not too many countries or cities around the world where you can walk too many steps without seeing an interracial couple or a person of mixed heritage. It is the beautiful blended, melting pot world that we are increasingly living in!

Anyway, what I found so adorable was that the little girl who was featured in the commercial recently sat down with her parents for an interview with NBC news. And, instead of being caught up in the ignorance of people’s upset, she simply thought that the big fuss was about her great smile. Watch the video here. This is why I just love the innocence of children. They are great spirits to keep around because they keep your heart pure and mind away from all the negative of the world.

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