Friday, June 14

Happy Father's Day: Some of My Favourite Famous Dads

Father's Day doesn't get the same amount of shine that Mother's Day does, but it should. The bond between a great father and his daughter/son is irreplaceable. Alot of times through the media, we don't see many black father represented as the story of the missing "baby daddy" is often the dialogue. So, I wanted to give some shine below to some of my favourite famous daddies that are influential.

Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show - the prototype of the best and most unforgettable father on tv.

Will Smith - People have a lot to say about the way that Will and Jada raise their kids, but besides the headlines, doesn't Will seem like a cool dad?

Rev Run - Showing the best of reality tv, Run' wise and cool approach to parenting his 6 kids was awesome to watch.

Jay-Z - We don't know much about this daddy daughter duo but I can bet that Jay-Z is  a great father already.

These are just a few, but who would you add to this list? Leave a comment below and let me know who your favourite famous father is.

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