Wednesday, November 7

The Work Isn't Over Yet! President Obama Wins Second Term of Presidential Election

I have to say how happy I am that Obama has won a second term in office. Congrats Mr. President!! The United states would have been a very different place if Romney had gotten the title, and to that I am thankful. If he had won, I may have had to pack up my bags and moved back to Canada!

A huge portion of America breathed a collective sigh of relief when the news was announced last night. I do not know if there has ever been such a divide and mark of an important decision between rich and poor in previous elections. Many people celebrated the opportunity for forward movement while others were simply at awe that a black man had won not one but TWO terms as the President of the United States.

But before we all get caught in our victory bliss, we must remember that there is so much more that needs to be done and that America needs to demand from the president. His win is not the last span of the fight against the Other. This is a call to action for more Americans to remain just as charged as they were about getting him into office. I think that all of the grassroots style campaigning, celebrity endorsements and overall proactive action needs to continue for the next 4 years. Often times once a politician is elected, the country sits back as if their job is done and the President must take it from there. The reality is that although I believe Barack tried his absolute best to do what he could over the past 4 years, there are still plenty of issues that need to be addressed and millions of Americans who are suffering and go unnoticed. If everyone remains as charged up as we are now and stay engaged about policies, then beautiful change can be made.

Voting is not the final step in making your voice heard. I saw plenty of "I got Obama's back" tweets and status' throughout the election but let's hope that America continues to actively stand behind The President.

Here's to 4 more years!

What are some important issues that you feel Barack needs to address in his new term? Leave a comment below.

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