Friday, November 9

After 2 years Oprah releases a Favorite Things list

If you’re a true Oprah fan like me, you’ll be ecstatic to hear that after TWO YEARS of leaving us hanging Oprah has finally released another of her Favorite Things lists! I was so excited to take a look at the new list. I don’t know if you’re a fan of Oprah’s lists and recommendations, but I know that if it’s good enough for Oprah it is good enough for me to at least check out.

There have already been some negative reviews though, from people complaining that a lot of the items on the list are too expensive for an average person. 

Well, I’ve read the whole list and there are some pretty cool, inexpensive things on the list. There are definitely some things that are pricey (the television and e-bike for example) but I don’t see what the problem is. She’s rich. Of course some of her favourite things are expensive! And I’m sure there are many people out there who wouldn’t find an e-bike for under $1,500 too expensive.

But for those of us on a tighter budget, there are some great choices. Here are my top 3 picks, some of which I want to keep for myself, others that I think will make great gifts (the holidays are just around the corner).

 1. Corkcicle ($25) – a really cool way to keep wine cool and a great gift idea. It even comes in different colours!

2. Bougainvillea Bangles – these are regularly $39, but Oprah offers a coupon code to get them for $31! 

3. Classic Coffee & Tea by Yedi – this cute set of porcelain bowls are a perfect housewarming gift…if you can manage not to keep them for yourself!

Now I’m looking forward to seeing her surprise the audience on the Oprah’s Favorite Things special airing Sunday November 18th. I love a good surprise!

Check out the entire list here and be sure to look for the special coupon code that is available on some of the products! Let me know which products you love.

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