Friday, November 30

Kill the gays: Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill up for debate

It’s truly shocking to me that while gay marriage is being legalized in countries like the US and France, Uganda is choosing to move in the other direction. You may have already heard about the bill being debated in Uganda. The media calls it the “Kill the Gays bill” and officially it’s called the “anti-homosexuality bill”, but whatever it’s called it is appalling and the thought that it may get passed is frightening.

With estimates that there are at least 500,000 gay people living in Uganda, activists there are said to be preparing in case they need to start evacuating suddenly. Only 4 months ago they were celebrating the success of Uganda’s first-ever pride parade, with almost 100 people in attendance.

There are a lot of factors involved in this story, including a history of European colonization and evangelism that is directly linked to Ugandan views on homosexuality. But to pass a bill that encourages violence against a group of people is inexcusable. All governments should have to protect their citizens and this bill does the opposite.

The purpose of the bill is to “prohibit and penalize homosexual behaviour”; homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda with current penalties that go up to 14 years in prison. The anti-homosexuality bill originally included death penalties for certain “offences”. It was first introduced 3 years ago and after international pressure from governments, NGOs, LGBT and human rights activists some revisions have been made, and now it is up for debate again. The revised bill has not been released so there is still a lot of speculation about whether or not the death penalty is still included.

The anti-homosexuality bill proposes the same punishment for sexually assaulting a minor as it does for parents or people in positions of authority who engage in same-sex relationships (in the original the punishment for either of these was death). There is also a lot of language about protecting children and youth from predators. By throwing pedophiles in with gays, they stigmatize homosexuality and it helps get the bill passed faster. Well, if you’ve been following Canadian politics this strategy should be familiar; it’s the same argument that REAL Women of Canada presented this week at hearings about a bill in Canada that would protect trans human rights.

I’ll be watching closely to see whether or not the international community will be able to prevent this bill from being passed. You can help by signing this online petition and, if you’re in New York there will be a peaceful protest at noon TODAY (Friday, November 30th) Uganda Mission at 336 East 45th Street.

Guest post by Eden Hagos


Anonymous said...

What a horrendous idea...this will only lead to more deaths and homophobia.


The world should know that if their parents had been homosexual, gay or lesbian then then none of us would have been born! The world should understand that the devil lucifer satan the serpent is the force behind homosexuality and lesbianism supporters and they support un knowingly.

That Homosexuality is worship of satan and any God loving person should not support or do it.

In Uganda we shall not accept to sell our nation to satan. we also encourage other nations to join us in the fight against sexual perversion and blasphemy.

People should understand that we are living in the end times and we should all be diligent not to fall in the trap of the devil just for the sake of money.

It is better to go to heaven with one eye than go to hell with both eyes! I stand in support of criminalizing the evil of homosexuality just like all other crimes like theft, murder, treason etc.

Intimidation of up right people will not stop us. we shall continue to correct, rebuke and tell the world the truth because the truth will set every one of us free. we should not be indimidated by the evil forces of darkness!

even if I alone remain on the side opposing homosexuality, then I will oppose the evil even unto death! we must understand that the state of mind that is capable of sexual perversion is capable of doing any other type of evil including murder. If upright people can resist the evil of sexual perversion, how much more will they overcome other evils? We know clearly who is capable of doing evil-the one already perverted, the one controlled by satan into un natural sexual lust.

Anonymous said...

Yes while I believe homosexuality is a sin as a community we also need to look at other sins like premarital sex which has been normalized, the whole shacking up, baby mother/father ideology. We also need to look at cussing, lying, stealing, smoking weed and cigarettes etc. All these things are sin and are so common in day to day life.
Punishment resulting in death is extreme and wrong. I am a born again Christian and wish the death penalty was there for men who rape women and children etc. The whole gay thing is not an African thing and they find it hard to understand and personally I don't think they have to understand it but there is no need for harsh treatment. I think when most people think of gay people the first thing they think about is the sexual aspect of it but we need to remember they are sinners just like the rest of us and need God's love and mercy. No sin is greater than the other.

Moses Shana said...

I agree that death punishment is too severe. Governments should remove the death penalty if possible. In Uganda, defilement and pedophilia is punishable by death. We advocate for a strong punishment for especially activists out there in schools spoiling young kids into homosexuality.

We have discovered that since AIDS enters humans during sodomy, then sodomy actually is cannibalism because there is absorption via the rectum. This shows how ugly homosexuality is in real terms.

My prayer is that sodomy be abolished and no one shall come out on the streets advocating for the right to perversion or wickedness. let those who wish to practice sodomy do it in secret and they must stop spreading their wickedness in broad day light.
This is a wake up call for all up right humans to resist the devil and he will flee.

do not be fooled by LGBT activists who have hoodwinked the world to think that anyone in Uganda wishes to kill gays!
Ugandans only wish that no savages roam the streets. Ugandans do not wish to legalize perversion and those who think otherwise must hide.

A world where thieves form an organization and advocate to be recognized or legalized is lost.
We need a savior. Amen.