Friday, January 13

"my greatest creation was you"

I listened to this new Jay Z joint and I had to admit I got a little sentimental.  Yes I maybe pms ing... and yes my ovaries are in full overload at the moment..... But I did love the track I think it's beautiful. I know there is a rumor out there that Jay apparently fathered a young boy nine years ago with Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott.

So I did think about that little boy, hoping the rumor wasn't true! Because I think it would be sad for him to grow up and hear his "father" rap about this little girl stating "my greatest creation was you," while he never publicly acknowledged this little boy, so really i hope it's not true.

But I still love the song! And it's nice to see a black man show a huge public love for his daughter!   I hope every parent believes and feels that all of their children are the best thing they ever created! A big love to everyone out there who is parenting it's a huge job! Nuff respect. Take a listen to the new joint below! 

Listen to the track: Glory ft. Blue Ivy Carter

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natural_empress said...

Hahaha big up yuhself Joy i mean Trey. Yuh nuh easy enuh...but on the note of parenting im not one but i hav babysitted my cousins on numerous occassions for days on end so that i know is SO TRUE. Parenting a nuh rampin bizniz