Wednesday, January 11

Go 'head Grandma!!

There have been a plethora of Grandma dancing videos that have popped up on email, twitter and Facebook lately!  Seems like the 'cool grandma' is trending nowadays.  I just love the life and laughter that these ladies bring.  You can't watch these videos and not crack even a little smile. I just hope to have that much life in my body when I get to that age!

Here are a couple of my favorites....leave a comment and video link with your favorites.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday! 

BUT WAIT!!!!  I almost forgot that my grandma has videos on YouTube too....

How can I forget the coolest granny of them all! My own Granny! Yes, this is my cool Grandma!

yes, my grandmother has TWO music videos! very proud of gran!


Rebecca Lester said...

I hope I'm this cool when I get older. It's so nice to see some intergenerational fun!

trey anthony said...