Wednesday, January 18

LL Cool J to Host the Grammy's

It's official!  LL Cool J is set to host the 2012 Grammy Awards, making it the first time in seven years that the celebration will have an official host, according to
The rapper turned actor (Deliver us from Eva, Any Given Sunday and more recently NCIS: Los Angeles)  is excited to take on the role!  He has hosted the live Grammy nominations concert show each year since 2008.
"I'm thrilled to be part of Music's Biggest Night. I will always have fond memories of my first Grammy Awards and to now be hosting the Grammy show, in the company of so many other incredible artists, is a dream come true."
    --LL Cool J 

This just reminded me to never stop striving for your accomplished as he as in his craft he still has goals and dreams that push him to the next level.
The moment you believe you've 'arrived' is the moment you'll stop growing....


Amelia said...

This guy doesn't age. I wonder what hat he'll wear?

trey anthony said...

The only time you see a difference is in his OLD pictures (when he was about 18 lol!)