Monday, October 12

Praying for your "enemies", blessing them. Is it possible?

Lately, I have been disappointed by someone and I have felt a great sense of betrayal and hurt. Initially, my reaction was to "fight back" and prove that I am right on this. And I have gone over different conversations in my head with this individual and tried to really see how we have reached this place. I have felt a need to call family and friends to prove my point! And it has taken up a lot of my energy. Yesterday, I went to the Verity Centre for better living, which is a wonderful spiritual centre that my partner and I have been recently attending. The pastor, Evan W. Reid is dynamic! I would encourage you to attend if you are looking for a place to grow spiritually and emotionally.

This week the pastor made a very profound statement and he said, "when your 'enemies' plant weeds in your garden use the dandelions to make a healing medicine for yourself... bless them because they have come to bring more awareness to yourself, giving you a chance to heal yourself...." It was an enlightening moment for myself when he proceeded to talk about taking that 'enemy' and shining light on them, giving them good energy and blessing them. I was skeptical but I did it. And when I did this, I immediately felt lighter, I felt that there was no need for me to give "this" anymore worry or cause of concern. No need to engage in conversations with others about proving how "right" I am. No need to wait for an apology. Our time has passed. Our journey over. And I truly wish this individual goodness because I wish goodness for myself.

So when I got back from the centre, another friend called leaving a message to give me the "update" on what this individual's point of view was. And for me it was no longer an issue. No need to talk about it. No need to see who was right or wrong. It was over. I had given it my energy, which was to give it "light."
Thus, I am aware of how much I have grown spiritually. The old me would have been vex for years! I would have sat on the phone and chat them till their ears burn! I would have silently plotted my revenge and kissed my teeth every time their name came up!
And now, I am surprised at how easy it is for me to just let things and people go... It doesn't mean that I don't love or care about them. I do. But I recognize not everyone in my life needs to play a central role in my life. I can love them from a distance. Pray for them and bless them.

Thus, I shine light upon you my friend. Walk good!
Here's a song that i really have been enjoying in my spiritual journey I hope you like it as much as I do. A note to God...

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