Tuesday, August 12

You Bring Out The Boogie In Me

by Ajike Akande

Last week I wrote about our big family and the impact of its largeness and bigness on our children. (You can read it here.) There is so much more to say about that.  So much more.  But folks today is my wedding anniversary!  It’s Wife’s too, but truth be told, it was kind of my wedding.  Would you believe after I spent a year of my life, that I will never get back, planning the wedding, she had the nerve, days before the big day, to suggest that she wear a blue tie instead of a green one?  Apparently she forgot that our weeding had a colour scheme!  Pink and green baby; no room for blue!    I believe my exact words to her as I stormed out of the room crying were: “Why are trying to ruin MY wedding?”  Yes, I did say that.  Yes, I am still a little upset about the tie incident.  Yes, she married me anyway, so there! 

Today is our wedding anniversary and tomorrow is The Littles 3rd birthday.  (I may have brought on their early arrival by having hot wings for our anniversary dinner back in 2011.  Of course it could have been that I was so darn big and uncomfortable there was no way they could stay in for another day let alone month!) 

Because it’s a celebratory week in our world and because our hearts have been heavy Wife and I thought we’d have some fun and make another video (remember the first one?) demonstrating that even when we (Wife and I, not even talking about the kiddos) are having to work harder than usual, harder that we’d like, harder than we should have to, to love our love and choose our love, we still know how to have a roaring good time together.  We can talk about how we are going to drive our love train through this poorly lit, dingy station, and chug along to a station that is brighter and lighter, tomorrow.  Today we sing! 

Scroll back up to the top and enjoy You Bring Out The Boogie In Me featuring the Silverman-Akande singers/dancers/musicians except F-Jammie.  She prefers to eat watermelon over performing with the fam.

XO Ajike

P.S Mom and Mom Phyllis:  We will be fine.  Thanks in advance for taking care of our brood next week so we can go to Vegas and fall in love all over again!  You two have shown us how to love and push through.  All will be good!  xo

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