Friday, August 1

The Reservations of Womanhood -- Gone Viral

There has been so much sex related tension online and in the air lately you can cut it with a knife. You have women proposing to men (a.k.a that online photo blogs are buzzing about). People e.g. Stephen A. Smith suggesting that women can provoke men to violence, and Whoopi Goldberg going all the way in, as far as suggesting that women should be hit back if they strike the first blow. Have I missed any Color Purple references online? please do share if I did. How relevant is it to consider that the role on domestic abuse, may have "colored" her thoughts in just the teeniest bit, humor me. Anyway, with that, how does geography and race factor into the equation? How does being from the north, south, or a different country influence our own gender bias? know the rest.

Biblical precepts are also a strong governance in the perception of designated gender roles. Who determines the inherent strength of a man or woman in the area of dominance. Should the aspects of feminism and atheism be held in contrast? How does the glamorization of homosexuality play a part? James Brown issued that "It's A Man's World"! Beyonce declared "Girls Run The World"! Do All these anthems make for a confused pop culture?

So many questions, So many speculations, so many mandates. but could it all truly boil down to marching to the beat of your OWN drum? Isn't true dominance of the world not from a man or woman, but from the most widely held belief system? Perhaps in this age, more than any other we're all just subject to general consensus. It could be that in the end of it all it's how social media and society chooses to view women collectively that counts. Is she looked at as "the prize" or the weaker vessel. Of course the true end of it all is how a woman chooses to view herself.

Shakespeare said "to thine own self be true", but perhaps it should be to thy best self be true. Let God externally and within yourself dominate.

Being the kind of man that won't hit a woman should not be restricted to being a good man, but a good person. Being the type of woman that doesn't need to strike a man to express  anger is not a reflection of womanhood, but a strong mental faculty. Being the type of woman that doesn't need to strike a man to express  anger is not a reflection of womanhood, but a strong mental faculty. What's important is to be the type of PEOPLE that don't hit each other.

There's no debate that the women who propose to men know what they want, may their action be laid strictly to their person, and sacred within their spirit. They alone will have to deal with the results.

If we put our pride aside and let love be the most dominate force in the world, we'll all be better off.

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