Wednesday, March 26

We're Going Away!

Folks, I’m going to Vegas!  I’m going reluctantly, but I’m going.  Wife is currently planning our kid-free three-day trip for August.  Why Vegas?  To see Celine Dion, of course.  Now wait a New York minute, before you stop reading out of disappointment that I am an out Celine Dion fan, she is a really good performer and if Wife, a die-hard Springsteen fan will lovingly travel to Vegas to fulfill my dream of seeing her, you can continue to support this blog and keep reading!  
In all honesty, I was willing to toss the Celine in Vegas dream out the window because of the money and the basketball team a.k.a the kids, but Wife has insisted that we get away.  We need something to look forward to; so we’re heading to Vegas this summer.   I’m glad she’s pushing me to do this because I have been using our small people as an excuse to toss aside many of my big and not-so-big dreams for the past seven years.    
Leaving our brood is not easy.  Not because we love them and all that stuff, but because they’re impossible much of the time and there are so many of them.  There’s no sending them to the grandparents for a few days.  We need a team of people to step in.  We’ve got the grandmothers, aunts, cousins and a paid caregiver on deck to make this trip possible.  Apparently all of these people agree that we need some time away.  So the money is taken care of (Lines of Credit – funding vacations everywhere); the children are taken care of, so we’re good to go, right?  Wrong!  

I can conjure up worry about any situation.  It’s one of my superpowers.  Things will be going along swimmingly and I think, “Wait a minute, something is missing.  It must be a random worry!”  When I decided to share my concern about our trip with Wife,  she rudely rolled her eyes at me and said, “Seriously?”  Okay, nothing bugs a worrier more than someone who refuses to hop on board the worry train!  I don’t know how many times I have told Wife that if she just worried more, I could worry less!  
Anyway, I’m worried that something will happen to us – both of us, on the trip and we don’t currently have a will.  I suggested that we follow the rules of the US president and vice president and never travel together in case something happens.  This was comment was met with another eye roll and “Ajike!”  Sometimes Wife is unsupportive and rude!  
So now we need a will or I am not getting on the plane.  Worried readers, please don’t write to me about the importance of a will and having things in place.  I know these things, but we just haven’t taken care of it yet.  I am a worrier, not a responsible worrier.  Truth be told, we keep getting stuck on who will care for our kids should something happen to us.  It may come as a surprise to you, but it’s not easy to ask someone to take all five of your children and raise them together should something horrible happen.  And that is why I’ve decided to use this public platform to do it.  I’m joking.  Could you imagine?  We are, however, going to get this sorted out in the next few months though so if you are a close friend or family member I would be suspicious of any invitations to dinner on us!  
Worries aside, I truly am excited about our trip.  We need the sleep and the quiet (which of course is easy to find in Vegas).  And we need the time, that “date-nights” do not allow, to lower our shoulders, un-furrow our brows and stop talking about the kids.  Only five months away.  
Until then, I leave you with a little Celine.  Below is my favourite Celine Dion song, Love Can Move Mountains.  The video seriously highlights the cheesy, ridiculousness of Celine.  By the way I’ve been dreaming of doing a montage of family photos set to this song.  Perfect, right?  It’s coming.  Stay tuned!  

XO Ajike

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Anonymous said...

I'm a worrier too!
Hubby & I got our wills updated.... For us it was to make sure that our son and our pets will be taken care of. The person who we had appointed as guardian should something to happen to us agreed to it before we had pets and she said that she'd have them put down! I couldn't imagine the heart-ache that baby J would be going through should something happen PLUS having all of his pets put down - We had to change our plans.

It will give you peace of mind once it's taken care of.

I also have lists of people involved in his life from doctors to music and dance teachers so that everything is in one place.

Good luck & have fun on your vacation!