Friday, December 16

It's Time For A Natural Barbie

This week, I read about a Natural Hair Group in Columbus, Georgia that transformed 40 African-American Barbie dolls into natural hair beauties. Apparently, there is a tutorial online that teaches you how to transform Barbie's slick, straight hair into a beautiful curly mane. What a great gift for any girl to receive -- a doll that is a reflection of the natural beauty of their hair.

The article states that "although Barbie has been around since 1959 and comes in 50 different nationalities it's rare to find a black doll with textured hair." It's been a long time coming and I commend this group for taking the time to create these dolls.

Maybe with enough persuasion, we can get Mattel on board and we can start to see these dolls in stores all over the world!

Here's the link to send them an email:

It's so important that our little girls have role models of all types! Let's be the change!

Link to the article:

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