Thursday, April 24

A Black Marylin Monroe and Lupita's Beautiful Cover

by April D. Byrd

Oprah's Happy new friend with the big hat Pharrell Williams debuted some new artwork for his latest single "Marylin Monroe" this week. Williams took a lot of heat earlier in the year for reportedly no deeper complexioned women of color on His G.I.R.L album. Pharrell knows how to give the people what they want. Apparently so does People Magazine.

The Publication named Actress and Director Lupita Nyongo as the coveted 'Most Beautiful' in the latest issue. Lupita has been no stranger to complete and utter dominance this year. In his defense of the G I R L album Pharrell even mentions interacting with Lupita and Complimenting her on her "beautiful" skin.

Initially after the backlash, Pharrell referred to the need for black women to see themselves more in media with a bit of insignificance and brushed it off as an insecurity issue to GQ magazine, However he clearly got the point somewhere. The singles cover is beautiful and quite colorful. Lupita who admits she's felt some heat for her darker skin not being seen as beautiful by her peers and colleagues, can definitely attest and is setting a new standard of what beauty truly is among all races of women; Being beautiful inside and out. 

Both of the ladies covers look absolutely gorge, and kudos to the media for seemingly taking the hint that black women want to see more of themselves reflected in the highest regards. Check out Pharrell's radio interview in the video (below):

What do you think of Pharrell's stance on the issue?...and Lupita's Beautiful new cover? Could there really be an insecurity issue among black women that doesn't come from within? Leave a comment below and join in on the conversation on Trey Anthony's Fanpage. Let's Hear it!

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