Monday, March 7

Hey Everybody!

The best Urban Theatre Production company - Trey Anthony Studios has a new exciting website that you just have to check out!
It has all the latest information on yours truly, trey anthony and what my production company is up to these days. Big Tings, Big Tings!

I know your curiosity is killing you, so let satisfaction save you, here is the address:

I want to shout out to the wonderful ladies at Cinnamon Toast who worked so diligently with me and my team to get our website out to the world and looking so fabulous, if I must say so myself! So if you like what you see on my website? Hit up the ladies at Cinnamon Toast New Media! They specialize in brand identities and updating current visual marketing presence for companies and individuals through web-based, print, and other media. So give them a call, oh and you can say trey sent you! Here is their address:

Let me know what you think about the site! This is going to be a big tings year!!!
And big love going out to you all! Thanks for your continued support!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Trey,
The website is indeed beautiful. However, the beautiful orange with the white backdrop makes it difficult to choose options from the drop down.For instance clicking on "productions" gives you a list to choose from however (UPCOMING PRODUCTIONS, ONGOING PRODUCTIONS) this list is unfortunately not very visible, not fully accessible and is further complicated by the quotes running across the page.

You may perhaps consider a less powerful orange or consider changing the font, size and colour of the available options (from the drop down).

You may think of putting the quotes running across the page directly beneath "Trey Anthony Studios" at the very top of the page so the tabs (who we are, productions, Trey's News) are more accessible, easily seen, undisturbed and more user friendly. That way the options the quotes are still very visible even more so from the top of the page.

Be Blessed......