Friday, August 24

Are Your Chains Mental or Physical???

 This picture and caption really got me thinking today.

"Sometimes the chains that prevent us from being free are more mental than physical."

Clearly, the donkey in the picture is able to bust free from the situation.  A flimsy plastic chair is no match for the strength of a donkey, but all the donkey saw was that he was tied up. With his tunnel vision all he saw was the immediate circumstances and he decided to give up before he even tried.  But what would have happened had he tried?

If only he had tried, he would have seen that the task at hand was not so hard.
If only he had tried, he would have seen that he was much stronger than the situation that he faced.
If only he had tried, he would have been able to break free from his bondage.
But he didn't.
He saw the chains and became paralyzed with fear.

Let me tell you something, if you want anything in this lifetime you are going to have to FIGHT for it!  And if it's worth having, it's definitely worth fighting for.  Sometimes I feel like the universe puts obstacles in your way just to test your hunger.  If you really want something bad enough you will do anything in your power to make it happen.

Don't get stuck in a mental rut, where all you see is what is right in front of your nose.  Take a minute and investigate your surroundings, take in all the variables and then plan your next move!

Any decision you make starts with your mind!  Train your mind to think like a winner.

We've all heard that saying that Descartes made famous 'I think, therefore I am.'

Use this weekend to retrain your thoughts.  To rebuild your self confidence.  To reset your  mind.

Don't be a donkey tied foolishly to a plastic chair.  But be wise and methodical in everything you do and watch your life change.

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  1. I used your photo here:

    Many mantras of helplessness begin with words like "I should be free, but I am not free because those other people are...." I could call that a mantra of blame or resentment. We are free to practice mantras of helplessness and blame and resentment and victim hood and indignation. That is how some use their freedom. Some use their freedom to train complacency and to chain powerful beasts to chairs and to program the masses with various mantras about future liberation and rituals of slavery that promise freedom in only seven years or seven lifetimes.